Balance your Mind & Body with Tai Chi & Qi Gong

For centuries Tai Chi Chuan has been used as a powerful and effective combat system, over the centuries it has been modified to allow everyone to practice it to achieve optimum health and calmness based on its profound body of principles, theories and techniques.


A Little bit of History -

According to Chen Village family history, Chen Bu  was a skilled martial artist who started the martial arts tradition  who moved from Shanxi to Wen County  Henan Province in 1374. The new area was originally known as Chang Yang Cun  or Sunshine village and grew to include a large number of Chen descendants. Because of the three deep ravines (Gou) beside the village it came to be known as Chen Jia Gou  or Chen Family creek/brook. For generations onwards, the Chen Village was known for their martial arts.

The special nature of Tai Chi Chuan practice was attributed to the ninth generation Chen Village leader, Chen Wangting 1580–1660).  He added the principles of Yin-Yang theory  the universal principle of complementary opposites), the techniques of Daoyin (leading and guiding energy), Tui na (expelling and drawing energy), the Chinese medical theory of energy  and Chinese medical theory of the meridians.

Fast forward on to 21st century and we now have 19th generation most notably Grand Master Chen Xiaowang and Grand Master Chen Zhenglei, who have carried these teachings and made it accessible and irresistible in the West.